Dear Alcohol, I’m leaving you


Wowzers, this year has been a big one. Break throughs (break downs?), great truths and health scares. It’s been a hell of a ride.

My big take-away message:

Being present and honest is the key to true happiness.

Alcohol, with it’s gifts of masks and escapism, has lost it’s shine. It’s robbed me of my true happiness for way too long.

I haven’t picked up a drink for the last month and it feels oh-so-good. Today I’m taking things one step further, I’m making this pledge to give alcohol the old heave-ho for at least three months.

In this video I discuss how my break through earlier this year paved the way for me discovering who I really am and why alcohol can no longer be part of the new journey I’m now embarking on. Continue Reading →


Whatcha grateful for?

Alana on a bike

Life. What a cheeky lady.

One minute I’m the sensei of balance, then the next I find myself standing in a vortex of to do lists, noisy thoughts and shallow breathing.

Oh crap, not this place again. How the hell did that happen?

Then there’s a health scare.

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Can positive thinking really change your life?


I recently finished Rachel Macdonald’s Bright-Eyed and Blog-Hearted course. In amongst all of Rachel’s juicy wisdom, three simple words have been running on continuous repeat through my brain:

Words are vibrations.

I thought I understood the concept of thoughts become things but deep down, when I took a long hard look, there glaring back at me was the belief that positive thinking only works for a select few people. The lucky ones.

For me, positive thinking can sometimes feel icky and fake. Smearing a thin film of positivity over a lifetime of negative programming sounds like a recipe for disaster. Kinda like popping a band-aid over a huge wound and hoping it will heal.

Move over negative thoughts. Hello emotional gangrene.

Still, when I read Rachel’s words, I needed to know more. Continue Reading →


Eggplant, oregano and white bean pizza

Vegan aubergine, oregano and white bean pizza topped with arugula

My friend Ania has this pizza she likes to make after work on Saturdays. It’s simple. She takes two frozen store-bought margarita pizzas, dumps a heap of grilled eggplant (aubergine for our non-Aussie friends) on top, and then silence descends as we greedily scoff down an entire pizza each.

Which I suppose is evidence enough that they’re freaking delicious. But I wasn’t satisfied.

I wanted more protein, dammit, lest my hair fall out due to deficiency. Continue Reading →


7 meditation resources to bring more peace into your day

Flowers 3

Don’t you love the change in seasons? An opportunity to start fresh, to contemplate, to reflect. New energy rising and falling. Mother Nature beginning her next cycle.

Here in Australia, spring has most definitely sprung. The days are longer and full of sunshine, the lavender plant I lovingly placed outside my kitchen window last season is forming its very first purple buds, and I am feeling a creative force, a new surge of spring-time energy bubbling away.

Just like the lavender plant, I too have been blooming into a new me. I’ve been busting through a life-time of hidden shame and fear. Ripping myself wide-open. Embracing vulnerability. Continue Reading →


Four ingredient apple pie smoothie

Four ingredient apple pie smoothie

You know those times of the day, normally around two or three in the afternoon, after you have had a really healthy lunch and drank loads of water. You’re feeling sooooo good. Then all of a sudden, bam! The sugar monster takes over. It growls and grumbles and you feel like you’ll never be able to think straight until you just get that sugar fix.

I know this feeling all too well. Normally it sees me heading to the local supermarket for a chocolately treat.

That was until I discovered the secret of the apple pie smoothie.

Four simple, healthy ingredients. One blender. Three short minutes. Continue Reading →


Can natural treatments heal acne after quitting birth control?

Calm Buddha resting on green grass

My skin was almost flawless throughout my teens. So it was a rude shock to hit 20 and abruptly descend into full-scale acne. Suddenly, awfully, I had it all. Whiteheads. Blackheads. Huge, painful, headless cysts sitting just below the skin. Scabs and scarring.

I felt revolting.

One day, a jerk in a bar made a crack about my “pizza chin”, driving a dagger straight through my self-esteem. The next week I booked myself into the doctor and got straight on the birth control pill. My skin cleared up within weeks and, considering the problem solved, I carried on with life.

Until now. Continue Reading →


Moroccan spiced sweet potato, carrot and chickpea patties

Moroccan spiced chickpea patties

Back in July this year, my parents came to Brisbane for a mini holiday and to watch me walk across the stage as I graduated from university. We spent the week in the beautiful sea-side town of Caloundra on The Sunshine Coast, chatting, wandering the local markets, exploring the nearby mountains and towns, strolling along the sandy beaches, and eating, lots and lots of eating.

I find, when I spend time with my parents, I instantly revert back to being a child. I love having them dote on me, listen to my every word, and tell me how amazing I am – seriously, where else do you get that kind of unconditional love? There’s always a never-ending flow from my parents. Continue Reading →


How to create a bicycle crate out of a vintage picnic basket

Rear bicycle crate from a vintage picnic basket

Remember when I got my bike way back at the start of the year? And I committed to cycling everywhere for 30 days despite being utterly terrified?

Well, I kept my commitment and guess what? Somewhere during those 30 days, I suddenly wasn’t scared anymore. Other cyclists and cars and pedestrians were no longer so terrifying. I started cycling on the road, my legs and lungs got stronger and I fell more and more in love with cycling.

One of the main reasons I bought my bike was to make grocery and market shopping that little bit easier. I don’t have a car, so my legs are my main mode of transport. As the little basket at the front of my bike doesn’t have a huge carrying capacity I needed an additional something on the back to load all my goodies.

I spent months searching for just the right rear rack. I wanted something with a lid, it had to be the right colour and it had to be stylish. Turns out, everyone else seemed to have a similar idea and I couldn’t find anything available that wasn’t in excess of $100. Pricey! Continue Reading →


Traditional Polish Chlodnik or chilled beetroot soup

Vegan Chlodnik chilled beetroot soup

I need a long time to settle into a new place, like in some ways I’m adverse to change. I remember feeling devastated as a child when my parents finally sold our dinged up old red Toyota for a fancier, much newer Landcruiser. “Why do we have to change?” I questioned my Mum, distraught. What about all the precious family memories from road trips around Australia stowed deep within its worn seats?

Likewise, when I move city it takes me a long time to feel grounded, to stop feeling nostalgic about the place I left behind. I love the adventure and challenge of a new area, discovering it’s own unique daily rhythms and quirks, yet there’s also a small part of me that longs to curl up on the same battered couch each night, to live in just one place forever, wrapping it’s warm familiarity around myself like an comfortable old blanket.

Recently I clocked up a year of living in Spain and with the milestone came the realisation that I actually feel at home here, finally. Continue Reading →