How to create a bicycle crate out of a vintage picnic basket

Rear bicycle crate from a vintage picnic basket

Remember when I got my bike way back at the start of the year? And I committed to cycling everywhere for 30 days despite being utterly terrified?

Well, I kept my commitment and guess what? Somewhere during those 30 days, I suddenly wasn’t scared anymore. Other cyclists and cars and pedestrians were no longer so terrifying. I started cycling on the road, my legs and lungs got stronger and I fell more and more in love with cycling.

One of the main reasons I bought my bike was to make grocery and market shopping that little bit easier. I don’t have a car, so my legs are my main mode of transport. As the little basket at the front of my bike doesn’t have a huge carrying capacity I needed an additional something on the back to load all my goodies.

I spent months searching for just the right rear rack. I wanted something with a lid, it had to be the right colour and it had to be stylish. Turns out, everyone else seemed to have a similar idea and I couldn’t find anything available that wasn’t in excess of $100. Pricey! Continue Reading →


Traditional Polish Chlodnik or chilled beetroot soup

Vegan Chlodnik chilled beetroot soup

I need a long time to settle into a new place, like in some ways I’m adverse to change. I remember feeling devastated as a child when my parents finally sold our dinged up old red Toyota for a fancier, much newer Landcruiser. “Why do we have to change?” I questioned my Mum, distraught. What about all the precious family memories from road trips around Australia stowed deep within its worn seats?

Likewise, when I move city it takes me a long time to feel grounded, to stop feeling nostalgic about the place I left behind. I love the adventure and challenge of a new area, discovering it’s own unique daily rhythms and quirks, yet there’s also a small part of me that longs to curl up on the same battered couch each night, to live in just one place forever, wrapping it’s warm familiarity around myself like an comfortable old blanket.

Recently I clocked up a year of living in Spain and with the milestone came the realisation that I actually feel at home here, finally. Continue Reading →


3 simple tips for busting through the comparison blues

Comparing ourselves to others is a natural human response. Yet it can leave us in a state of self-loathing and unhappiness.

Last week I shared my own personal story about dealing with comparison. In this video I discuss three tools I use on a regular basis to pull myself out of and prevent myself from entering a comparison slump.

I talk about:

  • The useful messages you can take away from a comparison meltdown
  • How to quieten your negative voice and tune into the powerful words of your wise woman
  • How to stop comparison in its tracks by lifting and protecting your energy

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The berry best smoothie

Coconut berry smoothie

I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that this is just another recipe for another ordinary berry smoothie. But hear me out first. This smoothie has been known to bring about exclamations of joy. Shouts of “this is the BEST smoothie I’ve ever tasted!!” are not uncommon (true story).

What brings this purple delight to life? Two seemingly humble ingredients… Continue Reading →


4 hassle-free tips for healthy plant-based eating on the run

Easy snack of rice crackers, spinach, carrot, tahini and pepitas

We’ve all had those days. The ones where the clock seems to move at triple speed as we rush from one job to another, barely stopping to take a breath in between.

It feels like an uphill battle just to keep on top of the basics and the notion of cooking up something healthy gets relegated to some forgotten backwater of our minds.

Often when life gets crazy tear-your-hair-out busy, it just seems easier to fall back on a diet of greasy takeaway meals, chips and chocolate snacks, and mountains of coffee. Right at the time that our poor stressed bodies are crying out for nourishing, real food!

This year, as I’ve gradually flipped to a more natural, fresh and plant-based diet, I’ve become even more aware of the lack of choice in takeaway shops and corner stores. So, without even realising it, I started inventing a few little fallbacks to help myself continue eating well even if I only have a few minutes to spare each day.

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Raw vegan brownie bliss balls

Raw vegan brownie bliss balls

Oh my gosh do I have a surprise for you! These chocolately treats are going to rock your socks off.

Packed full of nutritious raw cashews and cacao, these bliss balls are a real cinch to make – just chuck everything into the food processor, blitz, roll and you’re done. Once chilled, the coconut oil and dates give these little yummies a sweet chewy texture that is pretty much guaranteed to send pesky sugar cravings packing. They taste so chocolately and naughty you would swear they have sugar in them (but they don’t!).

I used this recipe last weekend to create a base for a chocolate mousse slice (recipe for that one to come really soon) and everyone (even my lovely omnivore friends) raved about the base. Big thumbs up.

Who ever thought healthy vegan treats could taste this good? Continue Reading →


Gazpacho with a (watermelon) twist

Watermelon gazpacho served on a hot Spanish summer's day

This is the story of how a Polish girl taught an Australian girl how to make a traditional Spanish soup, while an Argentine girl played guitar. Probably the most international lunch I’ve ever hosted!

On the menu was gazpacho, a chilled tomato soup that has long been popular here in Spain, especially during the searing summer months when the mid-afternoon sun bakes city pavements bare of people. It’s remarkable just how refreshing and cooling a big arvo bowl of gazpacho can be.

I freaking luuuuuuurve the stuff. Yet, despite having lived in Spain for more than a year, I’d never actually tried making my own. Until last week when, as the temperature climbed above 30 degrees, I was spurred into action by my Polish friend, Asia, who sung the praises of her cooling gazpacho with a fruity twist: watermelon. Continue Reading →


Natural homemade laundry detergent powder

Homemade laundry powder2

For a long time now I’ve been wanting to swap out store-bought laundry detergents and make my own all-natural washing powder, as part of a gradual shift toward making my home totally chemical-free. I just kept putting it off because I thought it would be difficult, both to find a good recipe and then to make it.

Turns out I was wrong on both counts.

A few weeks back I fiiiiiinally bit the bullet and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I’ve tested this particular powder with all types of fabrics and colours and everything has emerged in perfect condition and squeaky clean.

What’s more, the powder is unbelievably easy to make and the ingredients are so cheap. Continue Reading →


Ginger, cumin, carrot and split pea soup

Ginger, cumin, carrot soup

I’ve never been one to handle the cold well. I joke and tell people I’m just like a frog - I must get my warmth from the environment around me. If there is no external heat to be found, I’m like a walking ice cube. So it kinda makes sense why, when winter rolls around, I fall in love with soup. That and it’s super quick and super cheap to make.

This particular soup is no exception.

We all know that chili can warm you up but did you know that ginger and cumin also have warming properties? If the cold is getting you down, try adding some ginger to a hot cup of lemon water or into your morning smoothie. Instant warmth from the inside out, guaranteed.

Or you can just make this soup which is just as delicious as it is warming. Continue Reading →