Valencian oven-baked rice or arroz al horno

Arroz al horno or Valencian oven-baked rice, cooked in a traditional cazuela.

Did you have a nice Easter, lovelies? I was incredibly fortunate to spend my long-weekend at my dear friend Fran’s century-old country house in the tiny Valencian town of Agres, here in Spain.

It’s right near the beautiful Sierra Mariola limestone mountain range so we stretched our legs on gentle hikes through the national park, wandered the historic nearby town of Bocairent, and amused ourselves playing card games into the wee hours of the morning.

Fran’s a rad cook and a vegetarian to boot, so I also took the opportunity to raid his encyclopedic knowledge of local foods and customs.

Enter arroz al horno, or Valencian oven-baked rice. Continue Reading →

13 chocolate treats for vegans

Chocolate for breakfast, chocolate for lunch, and… chocolate for dinner! It can only mean one thing… it’s Easter time!

Can I let you in on a little secret my animal-loving friend? Being vegan doesn’t mean missing out on all the Easter goodies. In fact, quite the opposite! There’s loads of chocolately goodness out there just ready and waiting to party it up on your taste-buds. Just to prove it, we’ve put together a list of 13 vegan chocolate treats from our favourite bloggers guaranteed to get you in the Easter-festive mood.

Now excuse me while I go wipe the drool from my chin…

#1 Chocolate hot cross buns by Veggieful

Chocolate treats for vegans - chocolate hot cross buns by Veggieful Continue Reading →


Coconutty chocolicious thickshake

Vegan chocolate smoothie

If you’d dropped into my house this week, you would have found me head first in the blender, chocolate smeared from one side of my face to the other, tongue wrapped around a wooden spoon. You see, I decided I’d take all my favourite wholefood treats, throw them in a blender and see what happens.

Turns out there is no such thing as too much of a good thing.

This vegan chocolate smoothie, or what I have coined the coconutty chocolicious thickshake (try saying that three times fast), is like cake batter. You will want to lick up every single sweet drop (Just keep your tongue away from sharp objects, like the blender blade for example. Don’t say I didn’t warn you). Continue Reading →


11 easy recycled craft ideas and our favourite handmade jewellery

Gt gadabout's handmade recycled t-shirt plaited necklace.

Ever wanted to surprise a lovely friend with a beautiful handmade gift? Boy, do we have just the list for you. As part of our neat collaboration with Robyn over at the *Bespoke* blog, we’ve put together a list of 11 easy recycled craft ideas for sweet super sweet and totally elegant handmade gifts.

Each tutorial is no-fuss and uses at least one recycled material that is likely lying around your home already. So you get to feel all warm and fuzzy about helping the environment at the same time.

As part of our big week of guest blogging over at *Bespoke*, we also hunted the internets for our 10 favourite Australian artists designing recycled, handmade jewellery. Continue Reading →


Banana bread crumble top muffins

Banana bread muffins

The kitchen can be a wonderful place to express your creativity and let your imagination run wild (and the best part is you get to eat the results!). I especially enjoy combining the old with the new – taking a recipe from my childhood and mixing it with new-found, healthier ingredients.

This recipe uses besan flour, an ingredient I didn’t even know existed until a few weeks back when our brother-in-law shared this recipe with us. The flour is chickpea-based which of course makes it gluten-free. Though it sounds like an unusual ingredient, it’s actually quite common in most health food stores and is very well priced. Continue Reading →


How to upcycle old jars into colourful chalkboard spice containers

Old jars upcycled into colourful chalkboard spice containers

Old jars upcycled into colourful chalkboard spice containers

Happy Monday to you! I have the cutest little craft project for you to try. But before I get onto that, I wanted to ask –  do you know the lovely Robyn from *Bespoke*? This clever lady publishes a totally rad magazine packed with a whole range of creative inspiration from Australian and New Zealand artists. If you haven’t already, pop over and check it out.

You may remember last year when Robyn was kind enough to feature Koren’s fabric journal cover DIY on the *Bespoke* blog. And then a few months later my homemade jam recipe and fabric-covered jam jar lid DIY was included in the July 2013 Bespoke magazine edition.

Now we’re super excited to be working with this gorgeous lady again, bringing you an entire week of DIYs, recipes and roundups over at the *Bespoke* blog.

And our first post is up today! Continue Reading →


Giving goodness // Rainforest Rescue

Pieman River in Tasmania, Australia

Sometimes we can lull ourselves into thinking that in Australia, with its superb education system, clever scientific communities and proud boasting of unique wildlife, destruction of our beautiful forests and native areas no longer occurs. That’s something that only happens in less developed countries right?

Unfortunately, this really isn’t the case. Many of our natural forests or parts of our forests remain unprotected and are being cleared for housing or mining projects. Top that with the fact that more than 1,500 of our plant and animal species are listed as threatened with extinction. I don’t know about you but that makes me ill to the stomach. Continue Reading →


Magic ‘cheese’ sauce by Em

Magic cheese sauce

Now here’s a snack I dare you to stop eating after a couple of bites. I love this sauce for its creamy, cheesy (yet dairy and gluten-free) flavour and its versatility – serve it as a dip (like we have here), use it as the cheese alternative for pastas, lasagnas or bakes, or drizzle it over a fresh salad. It can turn pretty much any dish into a food fiesta. That’s why I’ve coined it ‘magic’ sauce. Its uses are positively endless!

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Fruity summer picnic skewers

Fruity summer picnic skewers

Is there anything better than a summer garden party with good friends, sipping at punch and munching on treats as the sun slowly softens into a beautifully whimsical afternoon glow?

Back in 2012, when Alana and I still lived together in our little house with the green walls, we loved to throw these parties each summer. Many of my most treasured memories from living in Brisbane revolve around these sun-drenched arvos and the giggles we shared with each other and friends. Continue Reading →


Giving goodness // Labs ‘n Life


A few weeks ago our sister Candice brought home a new addition to her household, a bumbling and gangly little labrador puppy with enormous paws. Angus is probably the cutest little thing that ever walked on four legs (no, I’m not biased) and we’re doubly sure he’ll be a great dog because of his excellent bloodline.

You see, Angus’ father is part of the awesome Labs ‘n Life program running across South Australia, which pairs dogs with at-risk, autistic or special needs youngsters in schools and homes across the state. Continue Reading →