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Giving goodness // The Weekend to End Women’s Cancers


Here’s a terrifying statistic for you: one in two women in the Australian state of Queensland will be diagnosed with some form of cancer before they turn 85. That’s right, half of all women. That’s far too many cherished mothers, sisters and daughters.

Sadly our good friend Matt Draheim knows this reality only too well. Matt lost his mother to cancer and recently relived that heartbreak all over again when a close friend succumbed to her battle with the disease. Continue Reading →


The day I had a bird named after me

RSPCA Magpie Rescue 4

Just yesterday my friends and I thought we’d take advantage of the beautiful sunny weather Brisbane has been shining on us and we headed to the park for a BBQ lunch. After stuffing ourselves with yummy salads and fresh fruits, we picked a grassy spot under a huge gum tree and lay down to relax. As it turned out, we weren’t going to do much relaxing. There in the tree, 20 metres above us, were two magpies. One sat watching helplessly as it’s friend flapped viciously, trying to free itself from a branch. It appeared caught in something, hanging upside down and terribly frightened. Continue Reading →


The spotty dress makeover

Spotty dress made over1

I just love finding old dresses in second-hand stores and giving them a new lease on life with a little trimming and sewing. Most of my makeovers involve the barest of changes, maybe just a hemline lift or sleeve removal that can be completed in a matter of minutes. But recently I ventured into a more daring attempt with this 1980s spotty number found for $30 at Brisbane’s wonderful Endeavour Foundation thrift shop. Of course, I wanted to share it with you. And now seems like the perfect time as unfortunately I’m still down and out with a severe back injury. So, a brief hiatus from my couch surfing tales to show you one of my favourite upcycling attempts. Continue Reading →


Fare thee well, dear Adelaide + a photo dump


The past month or so has been an utter paradox for me, full of relaxation and leisurely experiences with dear old friends yet simultaneously one of the most mentally challenging periods in my life thus far. Last December I quit my job, sold my car, gave up my room and basically packed up my life in Brisbane in preparation for my impending move to Spain … only to have to wait and wait and wait some more for my visa to be approved. Continue Reading →


Stuff of smiles

Flower 2

Walking may just be my new favourite thing. Two years ago I sold my car, partly in an attempt to move towards a more simple, ethical lifestyle and partly cos I wanted to save some money. Since then I’ve always had Koren to bum a cheeky lift from if I needed. Recently, however, she sold her car in preparation for her huge adventure overseas and so now, with no fallback plan, I gotta walk more places. Continue Reading →