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How to: make a wishing tree

When people think of wishing trees they naturally think of weddings. Last year however, as I held a party to celebrate my 30th birthday, I began thinking about how I could make my party the most eco-friendly it could be (you can read more about this in my post here). In between questioning the eco-friendliness of decorations, food and invitations I realised just how much waste comes from giving presents – think wrapping paper, ribbons, cards, envelopes – and then being vegan adds a whole other degree of difficulty – plus I have pretty much everything I need. Continue Reading →


Valentine’s Day: are you giving the gift of slavery?

So Valentine’s Day is approaching and just maybe you’re thinking of getting your special someone a special something. Chocolate, perhaps? Sorry to spoil the warm fuzziness but I’m about to hit you with an awkward truth …

Loads of the chocolate we buy is produced by exploited young children in West Africa, who are basically slaves to our sweet tooth.

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How to: host an eco party

Me and my beautiful sisters

Me and my beautiful sisters

In December I turned the big 3-0! I’d also made a lot of what some people might define as “radical” changes in my life. I decided to practice what I preach by hosting an eco party in my boyfriend’s backyard.

Koren and I searched many websites for ideas on how to throw an eco party. There are some good ideas out there but most of them are for kids. So here’s some of the things we did at my party. Hopefully this will help out all those other conscientious party goers. Continue Reading →